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Identify numbers which are below target

Watching a set of numbers visually may be pretty straight forward if time is on your hand. But most of the time, we are hard pressed for time and need to process information at a miuch faster rate. One example is to compare numbers such as sales numbers and check whether they are above or below target. Instead of visually doing that comparison, you can make use of conditional formatting to help you. This article will show you how you can set up one with ease.  ...  more

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Upcoming Courses

Skills Futures CreditFor Individuals - If you are a Singaporean aged 25 and above, you are given $500 in your newly created Skills Future Credit Account. The credit in the account is meant for you to pay for WDA approved courses for the purpose of upgrading yourself without company sponsors. You can pay for our courses using your Skills Future Credit.

For Companies - If your company is a Singapore registered company with 3 or more Staff paying CPF, you are eligible to claim for PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit in short). PIC allows you to claim back 60% of the course fees in cash or offset 4 times of the course fees against your profit (i.e. pay less taxes). Your company is also eligible to claim SDF for most of our courses. more details are available on the PIC website.

Hidden Secrets in Data Analysis with Excel 2007/2010 - 6 & 7 Oct 2016 (confirmed)

Business Analytics Reporting with PowerPoint 2010 - 15 & 16 Sep 2016 (confirmed)

The Hidden Key to Excel Reporting and Charting - 13 & 14 Oct 2016 (confirmed)

Unleash the Power of Excel PowerPivot for Data Insights - 3 & 4 Nov 2016 (confirmed)

Learning the Magic of Macros 2007 (Excel VBA) - 7 & 8 Nov 2016 (confirmed)

Breakthrough Performance for HR in Excel 2007/2010 - 10 & 11 Nov 2016 (confirmed)

For the details of the courses, please refer to our Excel courses page.

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